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Researching and sourcing FF+E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) information can be a long and time-consuming process. Besides aesthetics, FF+E involves a lot of technical and legal issues. You need to consider whether an item conforms to industry standards, like flammability ratings, and whether requirements are mandatory or optional, depending on the location of the project. Many sustainable certifications such as LEED and BREEAM require that FF+E conform to minimum environmental standards. A successful specification will be durable, functional and aesthetically suitable to the project and meet its sustainability, budgetary and sourcing needs.

Materialities have an extensive and varied network of suppliers and manufacturers and solid experience in preparing FF+E packages.  We have experience working from concept to completion in the Luxury Residential, Hospitality, Corporate, Retail, Educational, Healthcare and Cultural sectors, both in the UK and internationally. Software skills include Excel, Indesign and specification software as Spexx, Specsources, Fohlio, Specdesigner and Draw2spec.


Materialities can help with many areas of your FF+E specifications, including:


  • Prepare concept development, colour selections etc

  • Make an FF+E selection that meets the budgetary and design requirements, including selections to industry-related compliance and building codes

  • Participate in client or consultation meetings

  • Work with designers to prepare specification documents, schedules and budgets 

  • Supplier management including negotiating, co-ordinate and liaise directly with suppliers to ensure that all specifications are being met on time and budget and with an open communication 

  • Prepare samples or mock-ups presentations for final approval by the designer and client

  • Help with installations and liaise with fit out teams on site, consultants, and fabricators

  • Assist in final stage requirements and handover of projects including final deliveries, accessories and styling and professional photography 

We work around your needs, get in contact to set up an initial meeting.

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