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Material & Product Libraries

A well kept and updated material & product library can add real value to practices. It’s an easy to use in-house resource, in your own building, right when you need it. Materialities work with libraries of all sizes, material, product and literature.

Interior Design

Materialities offer good quality, affordable interior design for your home or business. Our services include interior design for residential and commercial spaces, home styling, home makeovers and home events styling including special occasions. 

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Material Research

Materialities can provide expert material, product and design advice for all project stages, as and when required. We will make you aware of the latest materials and guide you in making better material choices for your project.

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Materialities offer curated material exhibitions and displays in various sizes to be displayed at your practice. The setup is inspirational and informative with the aim to educate staff on general materiality, usability and current trends.

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Researching and sourcing FF+E information can be a long and time-consuming process. Besides aesthetics, FF+E involves a lot of technical and legal issues. Materialities can help with many areas of your FF+E specifications.

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A&D Services

Materialities now offer a bespoke manufacturer service.  We can manage and expand your UK market on a flexible basis, provide assistance and advice in how to approach UK based companies, finding local representation and offer general practical advice.

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Extra Services

Materialities offer a variety of extra services to make sure your projects run smoothly. By using our service you can feel safe in the knowledge that an expert is looking after your needs while letting the designers focus on the general design.

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