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Does your company have material samples and brochures on the floor, on tables, under tables, on shelves, in boxes and in storage? Do you struggle to find materials when you need them and to put them back in the right place? Is your collection generally unorganised and challenging for staff to use? Perhaps you already have an organised library but need some help to keep it up to date and maintained?


A well kept and updated material & product library can add real value to practices. It’s an easy to use in-house resource, in your own building, right when you need it.


Materialities work with libraries of all sizes, material, product and literature. We can help you set up from scratch, rationalise, organise, maintain, dispose and store materials. We have thorough knowledge of suppliers in the UK and abroad and can assist in all areas of library management.  

We create databases/lists of suppliers using excel or other software. We can work with classification systems as cl/sfb, uniclass, general material types or any other system you prefer.

A few reasons why you need a functional material & product library:

  • Explore materials & products for your design projects from the comfort of your own studio

  • Showcase your own curated collection to clients and partners

  • Inspire and promote creativity among staff

  • Discover the latest material and design trends, advances and innovations 

  • Free up designers time and achieve your materials need in a shorter timeframe


We work around your needs, get in contact to set up an initial meeting.

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