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Morris mania

I’m currently immersed in the world of William Morris, drafting through piles of wallpaper samples for a current project. Literally my whole living room floor is covered in samples! My client loves Morris and wants it throughout the scheme (wish I could do that at home too).

Through his company Morris & Co, Morris produced some of the most exciting Arts & Crafts inspired fabrics and wallpapers of his era. If you are not familiar with his work its well worth looking into! Morris & Co hold an amazing wallpaper and fabrics archive of strong, naturalistic and earthy patterns with a timeless appeal. In general, the patterns are a non-realistic depiction of nature, natural pattern and forms.

The Morris museum in Walthamstow is not far away from me and I have visited several times.

The designs can be quite busy and not to everyone’s taste. But although some patterns have a very intense ornamental design with repetitive patterns and bold contrasting colours, others hold a much simpler structure with muted colour tones. For the right project and client they really can add a sense of opulence and grandeur to a home.

The organic nature of his patterns make them very relevant in current trends as natural inspiration, earthy tones and rustic surfaces are more prominent in interior environments.

My own personal favourites below (and i will include these in the scheme):Bird and Pomegranate, Bramble, Fruit, Scroll and Chrysanthemum

Bird & Pomegranate





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