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Field day

Field day in London today, im so excited to get out for the day as im mainly working from home atm. Started of with a client meeting followed by some material inspiration at the Material Lab and lunch with the lovely duo Grace Jeffers and Peter Nolan.

I was looking out for new products at the Material Lab and am now waiting for new samples from Metis, Jesmonite, Banker +and Mirrl. I see plenty of demand for interesting surfaces from clients hence these will be great for my collection. Also collected a few Dulux swatches to kick start a palette for the new interior project I met regarding this morning.

Finished the workday with a coffee + cake with hubby in Mayfair and some Oxford Street prop shopping in preparation for a project shoot this weekend. My most recent design project (a residential development) has just finished and I will get access to shoot a few rooms on Sunday. Pics to follow soon!

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